Forward Athletics Club

“I press on toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus.” – Philippians 3:14

Forward Volleyball


How to Join

Tryout Dates

Tryout Location: Champion Forest Baptist Church JV – 16518 Jersey Dr, Jersey Village, TX 77040

Doors will open at 5:45 PM, followed by registration before the tryout officially begins.

Tryout Fee: $50 paid during the registration process, $150 for a private tryout

Deposit: The $600(non-refundable) commitment fee/deposit will be collected upon roster acceptance

What to bring for tryout: VB Shoes, Shorts/Spandex, Knee Pads, Water Bottle

Roster spots will be offered via email on the same day of the tryout following the conclusion of each session. Acceptance of the offer will be due within 24 hours of the tryouts, along with the deposit. If a roster offer is not accepted within this time, the spot will be offered to the next player in line.

Age Chart

Please check the cutoff dates below to ensure you are trying out for the right team.

To Register for a Tryout Session Please Click the Button Below

Available Teams

  • 15 White

    $3,975 Total ($600 Deposit + 9 Monthly Payments of $375) + 13 Tournaments w/ Potential Post-Season Play

  • 15 Purple

    $3,210 Total ($600 Deposit + 9 Monthly Payments of $290) + 10 Tournaments w/o Post Season-Play

  • 14 White

    $3,750 Total ($600 Deposit + 9 Monthly Payments of $350) + 11 Tournaments w/ Potential Post Season-Play

  • 14 Purple

    $3,075 Total ($600 Deposit + 9 Monthly Payments of $275) + 8 Tournaments w/o Post-Season Play

  • 13 White

    $3,525 Total ($600 Deposit + 9 Monthly Payments of $325) + 11 Tournaments w/ Potential Post-Season Play

  • 13 Purple

    $2,715 Total ($600 Deposit + 9 Monthly Payments of $235) + 7 Tournaments w/o Post-Season Play

  • 12 White

    $3,300 Total ($600 Deposit + 9 Monthly Payments of $300) + 10 Tournaments w/ Potential Post-Season Play

  • 12 Purple

    $2,580 Total ($600 Deposit + 9 Monthly Payments of $220) + 6 Tournaments w/o Post-Season Play

  • 11 Purple

    $2100 Total ($300 Deposit + 9 Monthly Payments of $200)+ 5 Tournaments w/o Post-Season Play

Private Tryout Registration

The tryout process for Forward Athletics Volleyball is open to any participants in June every year. There will be group tryouts on predetermined dates at our practice facility. Each tryout consists of general testing, positional exercises, and a conversation with the coaches. Players are selected not simply by ability but through an evaluation of need, fit, and organizational alignment with the family. To register for a private tryout, please fill out the form below, and a team member will contact you via email.

Forward Volleyball Tryouts
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Players Name
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Parent or Guardian Name

Practice Facilities

Champion Forest Baptist Church

Playground Houston

Private Lessons

Private lessons are available from all our coaches, depending on availability. Lessons range from $50/hr. to $100/hr. depending on the age and skill to be trained. Lessons currently take place in the Memorial/Spring Branch area. Please fill out the form below; we will contact you as soon as possible.

Forward Volleyball Private Lessons
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Athlete Name
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Positions Played
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Skills to be Trained

Club Volleyball Frequently Asked Questions

Club volleyball is a competitive opportunity for athletes of varying skill levels to develop and refine their abilities through intensive training and high-level competition. It is a selective sport that requires players to attend a scheduled tryout and be chosen for a team based on their skill, athletic level, and potential.


This level of competition and training helps athletes improve their game, leading to increased success on and off the court.


Overall, club volleyball provides a unique opportunity for athletes to pursue their passion for the sport and achieve their full potential.​​

At Forward Athletics Volleyball, we support multi-sport athletes and recognize the value of cross-training through different sports. However, we encourage parents to be mindful that participating in multiple sports can create scheduling conflicts and potential burnout for the athlete.


While many of our athletes play multiple sports, especially in the younger age groups, it is crucial to communicate any scheduling conflicts with your coach to avoid any issues with commitment. We recommend providing a two-day notice for all missed practices and a two-week notice for any missed tournaments.


At Forward Athletics Volleyball, we believe in developing well-rounded athletes who can excel in a variety of sports. We also prioritize our athletes' health and well-being, which is why we encourage open communication and transparency regarding scheduling conflicts.


At Forward Athletics Volleyball, we prioritize providing athletes with quality practice time and instruction from our qualified coaches rather than guaranteeing playing time in tournaments. Our priority is to create a positive and inclusive environment that supports the growth and development of our athletes both on and off the court.​

We believe that playing time is earned through hard work and dedication. Athletes who attend practice regularly and show improvement in their skills will have more opportunities to play. Our coaches are encouraged to give every player a chance to contribute to the team during pool play matches.  As teams advance beyond pool play, coaches will reward players who have excelled when given opportunities earlier in the day.

Teams for ages 12 and up will receive two jerseys, one pair of shorts, two practice shirts, one warm-up set, one pair of shoes, one set of knee pads, and a backpack.


Age 11 teams will receive two jerseys, one pair of shorts, and a backpack.


Other items, such as arm sleeves or water bottles, will be added when available.

At Forward Athletics Volleyball, we take great care in selecting coaches who possess the requisite attributes to help our athletes reach their full potential. Our coaches are chosen based on their playing experience, knowledge of the game, coaching proficiency, enthusiasm, temperament, and strong interpersonal skills. Additionally, our coaches participate in on-the-court training during practices, clinics, camps, and other training events to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and techniques.


We believe in creating a positive, encouraging learning environment for players and parents, where everyone feels comfortable and motivated to achieve their goals. We emphasize coaching through encouragement rather than intimidation, ensuring that athletes receive constructive feedback that supports their development.


At Forward Athletics Volleyball, the safety and well-being of our athletes is our top priority. All our coaches have passed an extensive background screening, are members of the USAV Lone Star Region, IMPACT, and SafeSport certified, and are USAV certified officials.​